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Warm Heart Bohemian is a globally inspired furnishings and accessories company offering handpicked, stylish, specialty and often one-of-a-kind items from across the globe. We work directly with local craftsmen and vendors in developing countries to ensure that each item is procured fairly, ethically and sustainably. A percentage of every item sold is donated to the community from where it originated.

Find something beautiful for your home, and make a difference in the world!

Introducing the Malawi Collection

Our first collection took us to Malawi, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, also known as the “Warm Heart of Africa”. It was in this country, steeped in culture, that we explored the lively and bustling markets of the capital city of Lilongwe and hand picked colorful wax-print fabrics, traveled overland in a beat-up pickup-truck to villages near beautiful Lake Malawi, where we connected with the master artists who create the legendary chief chair and partnered with a Lilongwe-based craftswoman to create exquisite live edge coffee tables sourced from reclaimed African woods, collected from fallen trees.

Each item in this collection tells a special story about the magical country and people of Malawi and our adventures there…. we invite you to explore! 

xo Matt and Mo — Founders of Warm Heart Bohemian

Woven Malawi Chair - White
Chief's Chair - "Monkeys in a Tree"
The Malawi Package
Eco Green African Wax Print Clutch
Wheel Basket
Wheel Basket
Handcarved Toy VW Bug
Handmade Baskets
Handmade Baskets
From $50.00
Suncircle Wall Hanging

FEATURED: Live edge reclaimed African burl coffee tables

Amazing. Heavy. Simply incredible. 

These show stopping, live edge, burl wood coffee tables are hand carved from reclaimed African woods, collected from fallen trees. Made in Malawi and hand-chosen for import by Warm Heart Bohemian.


African chief chairs represent the heart of Malawi craftsmanship and are both functional, ergonomically correct and pieces of art. Each chair is unique and tells its own story. We traveled overland to the shores of Lake Malawi where we hand selected each of these exquisite chairs. Each chair takes approximately 2 weeks to carve by hand using rudimentary tools. Check out the blog to learn more about them! 


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