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Warm Heart Bohemian is a globally inspired furnishings and accessories company based in Santa Cruz, California. We curate stylish, specialty and often one-of-a-kind items from across the globe. We travel straight to our products' point of origin and work directly with the local artisans and vendors to ensure product quality, fair-trade, and sustainability. We curate many items that you won’t find anywhere else. A percentage of the profit from every item sold is directly donated to our non-profit organization. We work with the communities from which we buy, funding programs for economic development, resource sustainability, teaching rural farmers new and better farming techniques and building better facilities. It is our view that the products we carry should not be mere commodities, but works of art and craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy

Warm Heart Bohemian is founded in human kindness and the philosophy that each of us has the potential to develop “warm heartedness”. Genuine concern for the wellbeing of others not only enriches our community but it directly affects our happiness, as well!

Our Journey

Warm Heart Bohemian was founded by husband and wife team (and high school sweet hearts) Matt and Moana. It began with an insatiable love for traveling, helping others and a passion for finding cool, stylish, unique items from around the globe to create a home that made us feel happy to be in.


After a decade playing and touring in the North American rock/punk/hardcore circuit with our band In Love and War, we took a step back to travel the world and work in the non-profit and agricultural sectors. For many years, Matt has been working in Malawi, Africa and elsewhere as a volunteer mushroom expert for the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Program, building and developing farms and agricultural markets in impoverished parts of the world and training farmers in the best practices for sustainable growth. After many assignments in Malawi, we noticed some unique items that we felt deserved greater exposure, but due to the isolated location- a land-locked, impoverished nation in Africa with few exports and relatively nonexistent transportation infrastructure- these products remained largely unknown in the world beyond.

We believe that a home, and the things that you place inside it, should be comfortable, loved and illicit a feeling of joy and laughter. We procure items from around the world that make us feel this way. 

Matt and Moana currently live in Santa Cruz, California with their two beautiful children, three cats, five chickens and beloved Boston Terrier, Lilikoi.

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