First Post Ever!

First Post Ever!

Dear Reader,

I was recently scanning through my journal from last year and came across this little entry that I wrote in September of 2016 while we were traveling through Malawi. We had left our two small children (in loving, capable hands) for several weeks while we traveled south eastern Africa brainstorming, planning, dreaming, and traversing the country searching for things that we  thought were truly special and would bring us joy to see in our homes.Well, we found some of these exceptional items that came together to create our inaugural collection, the "Malawi Collection". It's been a wild, exciting ride so far and it has only just begun! 

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016   

So, Matt and I are in Malawi together right now, and we just did something REALLY crazy. We rented a 20 ft long shipping container and spent the last two weeks traveling around the country visiting rural villages, roadside vendors and artist communities searching for the coolest, most beautiful, authentic, ethically made and environmentally friendly Malawian products that we could find to ship back to the US. The idea is to start a home furnishing/ accessories brand that works in partnership with communities in very poor areas across the globe, helping to stimulate their economies, build sustainable farms, promote sustainable resource management and provide income to support their most basic needs: food, clean water, shelter and basic medical treatment. We also plan to create our own non-profit/NGO that helps to support rural farmers….. but more on that later! Anyway, so here we are. The risk is great, but the opportunity to benefit others is huge. Stay tuned for more! Love, Mo. 

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